PetroSol Loyalty is a modern solution that can be used to attract your customers. The solution offers the possibility to define for your network either loyalty schemes based on Price Discount or based on Bonus Points, depending on your strategy to attract the customers.
You may define as many shops you need and you can group them based on their characteristics. Also, the customers can be grouped by type, later on you can give these groups access to certain loyalty schemes. Customers’ identifications can be made using:
  • RFID Cards (advantage: increased security – they are virtually un-copyable; disadvantage: higher cost)
  • Bar Code Cards (advantage: lower cost; disadvantage: lower security, as they can be copied)
The application is Web-Based, and can be accessed using any device connected to the internet: SmartPhone, Tablet, Laptop or PC. The application is hosted in PetroSol’s Data Center, offering maximum scalability, security and availability. The system functions in an Online mode, ensuring the usage of the most recent loyalty scheme at each card identification. PetroSol Loyalty offers a comprehensive report set which can be used to ensure the success of each campaign.

Price Discount Cards

  • This type of loyalty allows you to offer price discounts to customers
  • The discounts can be given differentiated based on
    • Product type (both for fuels and shop products or services)
    • Method of payment (ex.: cash, bank card, etc.)
    • The customers group which the customer is associated to
  • The discount offered can be
    • In percent (ex.: 2.5% from the price)
    • As a value (ex.: 1.5 euro from the price)
  • You can define multiple discount schemas, with applicability for certain customers groups. Using this differentiation, you can create various discount levels based on customer type (ex.: Silver, Gold, Platinum)
  • The discount cards can be scanned using PetroSol POS or Store+ POS, with the POS automatically applying the expected discount for each product in the loyalty campaign

Bonus Points Cards – Accumulation and Usage

  • This type of loyalty offers a system which allows customer to accumulate bonus points for each purchase, and then use those points to fully or partially pay for another purchase
  • Each bonus point has a certain monetary value associated
  • You may set the number of validity days for the accumulated points
  • The points accumulation ca be made differentiated based on the shop, the products purchased, the purchase value, the method of payment or other parameters
  • The points usage can be set to be accepted only in certain shops