FCC – ForeCourt Controller

The ForeCourt Controller is a software controller which assures communication between the other components of the retail system (POS, BOS) and the devices from the forecourt: fuel dispensers, tank gauging systems, etc.

The PetroSol FCC forecourt system gives you the control you need to help reduce deployment and implementation costs. By giving you better visibility over many of your current devices with one single tool, maintenance costs are reduced, and there are fewer potential points of failure.

This application can control all the fuel dispensers which have implemented communication modules on LON interface and with the IFSF Dispense Application protocol, tank gauging systems with serial RS232 or Ethernet communication and VeederRoot protocol, and depending on customer necessities other devices can be implemented. Using standard industry communication protocols, it allows our customers the flexibility to choose any fuel dispensers or tank gauging systems they want, from any manufacturers.

For the fuel dispensers, the entire IFSF command set is implemented, from configuration, to command, price sending and transaction data read, including real time readings for current transaction information.

In the case of tank gauging systems, the application can read standard data, extended data (ex.: density), it can read tank delivery data recorded by the TGS, and can also transmit the fuel dispensers’ transaction to the intelligent TGS which support reconciliation functionality (BIR/HRM).

The communication with the Back Office System and the Point of Sale systems is made through Ethernet interface using and advanced communication protocol.

As an integrated module, the Forecourt Controller application has a separate Database which allows storing a buffer with the latest records from the connected devices, reducing the risk of data loss.

The advanced logging systems allows recording an array of messages between the controller application and the connected devices, allowing for a fast and easy debugging of potential communication or functionality problems.

The FCC software can be installed on a normal Windows computer, allowing you a great flexibility when designing your station’s IT infrastructure. For cost optimizations, as the resource requirements are low, it can reside on the same machine with the Back Office System. Being a software FCC, it can be very easily deployed, serviced and updated when new functionality is available. It is also scalable, allowing you to manage from one pump and up to 32 pumps.