Petrosol Outdoor Payment Terminal

Petrosol OPT (Hardware CS Vision TomTouch) it’s a self-service terminal dedicated to Oil&Gas industry. It includes various payment types like : Fleet card contact & contactless, Bank Cards, Cash and Vouchers.

Main characteristics :

  • Easy to use and intuitive customer interface with multi-language support
  • Very easy to maintain and remote monitoring
  • Various payment methods with fiscal certification

The Outdoor Payment Terminal is IP65 compliant and can operate at temperature ranges between -20 and 65 degrees Celsius. Multiple configurations available: one or double side, pump isle mount or one per filling station configuration.


Banknote Acceptor Mei with safe or cashbox

Bank Card Acceptor Ingenico (pinpad, contact and contactless )

Security system with door and vandal sensors , temperature and humidity monitoring

x86 industrial PC with vandal proof touchscreen