Electronic cash register with electronic journal, 2018 models, approved as per the newest applicable legislation requirements.

The new DP25 model is approved as per the Art. 3 alin. (2) din OUG 28/1999, Art. 17 lit. f) from legislation requirements.

Main improvements for the electronic cash register DP25:

  • Romanian language keyboard
  • specially reconfigured friendly menu
  • multiple communication interfaces, including LAN
  • embedded communication modem
  • PIN PAD ready for connecting Datecs bank card EFTs
  • Capability to work integrated with the PetroSol POS software for Retail or Restaurant / Coffee shops

The price includes: Eco tax, Technicians Registry, Special Registry, Electronic cash register Datecs DP25, 9V power source,Serial Cable.

List price for 1 piece. For bigger quantities please contact us at: office@petrosol.ro

Electronic cash register with electronic journal Datecs DP25
Price: 989,00 LEI
Price without VAT: 831,09 LEI