The purpose of this application is to optimize the inventory counting process for all the products existing in the shop by replacing the standard process which requires printing the lists on paper, visually searching the products on the shelf, then manually writing the counted quantity, and finally transcribing the values written on the paper to the Back Office application. The new and improved process is much more simple, and only requires to scan the product’s barcode directly on the shelf and then entering the counted quantity in the mobile application.

In this was you will benefit from a massive reduction of the time needed for inventory counting, thus unlocking the sales very quickly, eliminating the potential human errors which can happen when identifying the products in the list or when transcribing the values, eliminating the need for printing on paper, etc..

The bigger the number of products to count, the more efficient is the application, eliminating supplementary work, human errors and reducing the times needed to search the products on paper lists, and then, again, in the BOS application.

Also, with the help of this application you can check at any time all the details for a certain product on the shelf by simply scanning the barcode. You will thus have immediately access to information about Description, Active Sale Price, Theoretical Stock, etc.

The PetroSol Mobile Inventory Counting application is able to run on any mobile device like a SmartPhone or Table which is running an Android 5.0 or newer operating system and has a photo camera.

You will also need to acquire a specific license needed to activate the Mobile Inventory for our PetroSol POS solution. This license offers you the right to use as many mobile devices as you need in your station.